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Drone Operators

Inspire 2 for rentAerial Media Services are a South West based company, with Operational Authorisation, offering aerial video and aerial photography services to all types of businesses and organisations. Check our services to see what kind of areas of work we get involved with.

The Aerial Media Services team of highly experienced Approved Drone Operators provides aerial video and aerial photography services to clients across the UK and internationally. Having flown out in extreme conditions, indoors, with animals, and for all budgets, we know what can be achieved both technically and creatively from an aerial perspective, to best promote your business. We will take care of everything for you, including story boarding, editing, and all necessary procedures and documentation for flying anywhere, including in Restricted Zones such as near airports.

Aerial Media Services have a broad background in television and flim, media and the web. Having used specialist camera systems in past and present projects, we are no strangers to providing clients with interesting and diverse footage.

We have also had experience in Outside Broadcasting for Channel 4 Horse Racing, Premier League, European football and film production. You can view some of our areas of work where we have been involved by clicking here.

  • Bravespark Drone Operator
  • WAG Entertainment
  • Boundless Productions Drone Operator
  • Channel 4 Drone Operator
  • Cornish Mining World Heritage Sites Drone Operator
  • Devon and Cornwall Housing Drone Operator
  • Grand Designs Drone Operator
  • ITV Drone Operator
  • Dewars Whiskey
  • Liverty Housing Drone Operator
  • More 4 Drone Operator
  • Avalon TV Drone Operator
  • Bad Madam Drone Operator
  • Chagstock Drone Operator
  • Mole Avon Drone Operator
  • Optomen TV Drone Operator
  • RDF TV Drone Operator
  • Tern TV Drone Operator
  • Wall to Wall TV Drone Operator
  • Studio Wallop
  • Ford
  • UMTV

What's in the Bag?

Inspire 2 - Drone Operator Devon

Inspire 2 Dual Pilot Set Up

Inspire 2 with X5S Camera 15mm, Lumix 25mm and Olympus 45mm – ability to shoot H.264, H.265, Apple ProRes and Cinema DNG formats up to 5.2k raw uncompressed video. Shoots 4k video at 5Gbps and stills at 20.8 megapixel RAW. Comes with 10 batteries (2 per flight for redundancy), 5 flights at approx 18 mins per flight.

Packed with the very latest in technology an extremely capable and comprehensive high end package.

For further details, please contact us on 07976 804 378 or email us at

Freefly Alta 6

Freefly Alta 6

The Freefly Alta 6 allows us to use a RED, Arri or pro DSLR such as the Sony A7

A truly professional set up, comes with 5 flight batteries. Flight time approx 12 mins per battery.

For further details, please contact us on 07976 804 378 or email us at

Drone Operator South West

Phantom 4 Pro

An upgraded camera from the Phantom 4, this drone is capable of shooting H264 video at 4k at 60fps and H265 video at 30fps both at 100mbps. It also features a camera capable of shooting stills at 20 megapixel RAW format.

A number of other features make it a very versatile piece of aerial filming equipment.

For further details, please contact us on 07976 804 378 or email us at

DSLR Photography Devon

DSLR's for Hire

We have 2 Panasonic DSLR cameras with ability to shoot video 4K/59.94p and 50p shooting with 10-bit 4:2:2 external output or 8-bit, 4:2:0 internal at 150Mbps and stills at 20 megapixel RAW.

Added to these we have the Zhiyun Crane Gimbals for handheld action and a number of other photographic accessories to get that perfect shot from the ground!

For further details, please contact us on 07976 804 378 or email us at

Why not try our Cable Camera set up?

There are certain locations where drones are tricky to fly or it’s just not feasible – we have an alternative solution to this. Our cable camera gives us plenty more options when requiring those tracking shots that are just not able to be done using a drone or similiar.

Set up is quick – we can be up and running in under 15 minutes.

Services and Sectors

  • Bravespark Drone Operator
  • ITV Drone Operator
  • Channel 4 Drone Operator
  • More 4 Drone Operator
  • Grand Designs Drone Operator
  • Boundless Productions Drone Operator
  • Optomen TV Drone Operator
  • RDF TV Drone Operator
  • Wall to Wall TV Drone Operator
  • Tern TV Drone Operator

Services on Offer & Operating Sectors

TV Production

We work with a number of leading clients in the TV industry. We can be at hand in any corner of the UK and abroad in order to help make the shots that help a production achieve its goal.

Productions include lifestyle programs such as ‘Grand Designs’ for Channel 4, sitcoms such as ‘Not Going Out’, docu dramas such as ‘1066, A Year to Conquer England’ for the BBC and ‘The Parachute Murder’ for ITV.

Grand Designs

Providing aerial footage for productions based in the UK.

Not Going Out

Working on location for the popular sitcom Not Going Out with Lee Mack.

The Parachute Murder

Aerial footage and camera assistant for this ITV production with Fiona Bruce.

1066, A Year to Conquer England

Working on location with Dan Snow on this docu drama.

We have been involved with many more productions for terrestrial and satellite channels.

For further details on our services, please contact us on 07976 804 378 or email us at

Corporate Videos

Working with corporate clients, we take a slightly different approach in that we can, and do, provide all the footage necessary for the edit. We have the aerial capabilities and the ground footage capability to shoot all the rushes.

More often than not, we provide the storyboard along with the client and shoot the production accordingly.

We also usually edit the rushes and finalise the film for the client.

We also provide the client with stills should they require them.

We have worked with a number of corporate clients, mostly in Devon and Cornwall.


Part of our work involves working alongside horses, both in Lambourn, Berks and Devon – we have shot aerial and ground footage of horses some of which can be seen here:


Below you can find an example of a marketing video we put together for a client in Somerset:

For further details on our services, please contact us on 07976 804 378 or email us at

Estate Agencies/Developers


We have worked with several Estate Agencies and Housing Developers resulting in a number of marketing videos. Below are 2 examples completed videos:

Another example of a lifestyle/agency video can be seen below:

We have provided services to Estate Agents in the form of video and aerial photography where we can provide images at 20.8 megapixels RAW and video at up to 4k. Please check our gallery where we have included some aerial shots for Estate Agents.

For further details on our services, please contact us on 07976 804 378 or email us at

Drone Aerial Mapping

Through the use of 3d mapping software we are now able to provide this service to you

We can provide mapping for a multitude of purposes including construction, mining, agriculture, roofing and inspection. The possibilities are endless.

From mapping livestock, elevation, drainage and irrigation, crop health, construction surveys, data planning, instant measurements, roof imagery, roof reporting and elevation 3d models, the list goes on.

If you like what you see, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 07976 804 378

360 Aerial Videos/Social Media Content

Today social content is crucial to the effective running of marketing within a company.

We have provided aerial photographs and aerial video for a number of clients. An example of a video we did for a client can be seen below – they were after something visual that they could offer their listeners!

We can also offer you 360 images – these are made up of a series of images that we stitch together in post.


Use your mouse click and drag the 360 image – you can also use your mouse wheel to scroll in or out.

We can customise them too so that they can display your logo or marketing message.

For further details on our services, please contact us on 07976 804 378 or email us at

Drone Aerial Surveys

We have conducted a number of surveys for industrial clients ranging from roof inspections to solar panel farms.

We’re happy to provide a quotation for your requirements and are extremely competent in the administration surrounding drone work in industrial and built up areas should you survey require this.

We have also built up a solid relationship with Exeter ATC and other airports and are comfortable with the necessary administration procedures that accompany these flights which are in close proximity to airports.

For further details on our services, please contact us on 07976 804 378 or email us at

Aerial Photography

We can shoot upto 20.8 megapixel RAW photos which are the highest quality – we can then edit these and output them as jpg’s or similar dependent on your requirements.

You can see a selection of our aerial photographs below:

For further details on our services, please contact us on 07976 804 378 or email us at

Latest from Aerial Media Services


Are Aerial Media Services licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)

es! We are licensed to fly any drone under 20kg and have been permitted to fly drones since 2013. We currently hold an Operational Authorisation (previously a PFCO).

Are Aerial Media Services insured?

es! We are insured to fly our drones and have Public Liability upto £5 million should you require it.

Can you shoot 4k?

e can shoot 4k video in Pro Res and/or proxy (H264, H265) formats if required. If shooting Pro Res, we ask you to bring a laptop or similar on the day to transfer the rushes to via USB as file sharing online is restrictive due to the size of the files.

How far/high can you fly?

ithin the confines of the regulations. Based on the law, we can fly upto 120m high and 500m horizontally.

What is the flight time of your drone/s?

he flight time of our drones varies from around 18 minutes upto 25 minutes dependent on conditions – we can swap batteries and be back in the air in under a minute (this is dependent on if the battery is warm enough). We can be self sufficient in charging our batteries whilst out on location if we have our vehicle with us.

Do your drones fly in the rain?

n short, no they don’t. Whilst we have flown with an element of moisture in the air it is not advisable to fly in rain. Firstly for safetys sake as the drones are not waterproof and you will hugely increase the risk of the drone crash landing. Additionally, from a camera perspective you’re extremely likely to get water on the lens resulting in blurry shots.

Can you fly indoors?

e can fly indoors with our drones since they have the ability with their positioning system to do so – we would of course assess the safety aspect of flying indoors prior to the flight and act accordingly.

What are the rules regarding privacy?

ny drone with a camera is covered by the Data Protection Act (DPA). More information can be sought from the website of the Information Commissioner

How can we get hold of you?

ou can contact us by phone 07976  804 378 or email at – we’ll aim to get back to you within an hour.

How long have you been in business?

e have been in business since 2013 and have been CAA Approved Pilots since that year too. Experience counts for a great deal when flying and operating drones from a creativity perspective, what shots work, weather conditions, safety procedures and not least diplomacy with curious bystanders.

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    Pre-flight Assessments

    Once the job has been booked and the deposit paid, we will carry out a risk assessment for each and every job that we undertake. This will involve a remote site survey using various online tools. We will carry out a physical visit of the site prior to the job should we feel this necessary.

    Payment Policy

    Once a job has been confirmed, we will require a 25% deposit from the client with the remaining 75% paid up to 30 days after the job has been completed. We can then firm up the shoot date.

    Postponing a Confirmed Shoot Date

    Should the client wish to postpone the job,  Aerial Media Services will hold the deposit for up to 365 days after the initial shoot date. If the re-scheduled shoot date is not decided and confirmed within the 365 days after the initial shoot date, Aerial Media Services reserve the right to retain the deposit.

    Cancelling a Confirmed Shoot Date

    Cancelling the shoot date within 7 days of the proposed date will mean the deposit shall not be refunded.


    Drone flying is particularly sensitive to weather – when a job has been booked, we will monitor the weather up to 7 days in advance and keep you informed as to the probability of flying. If the weather deteriorates to such an extent that it makes it impossible to fly, we will negotiate with the client an alternative arranged date. The 25% deposit will not be refunded but we will offer the client 25% off the next booking.

    We will of course endeavour to get the shots required on the original date.

    Copyright and Use of Material

    Aerial Media Services retains the right to all video and photography content filmed from our drones. Should the client wish for exclusivity then we are very happy to allow for this to happen.