Drone Tracking Shots

Dual op drone flying tracking motorbikes and people.
The Art of Love Drone Filming

Drone Filming – The Art of Love

Drones, Motorbikes, Cliffs and Wind – what could possibly go wrong?

In this case, nothing fortunately – we had a great time filming some tracking shots for The Art of Love in East Sussex recently. Taking advantage of the good weather (not so light winds)  we wound our way to Eastbourne to help out the crew of this potentially great film.

2 days of drone footage and we took in some amazing scenery and lighting conditions taking advantage of first and last light. We like to think that we managed to get some good shots in the can and our director, Phillipe Weibel thought so too with one particular shot even saying:

“That was the best shot I’ve had on any production.”

High praise indeed – we’ll take that!

Below are a few pics from the shoot:

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