Aerial Filming in Devon

If you're looking for spectacular scenery for aerial filming, then Devon is the place for complete diversity in options
Zeal Monachorum Aerial Photo

Aerial filming in Devon

The county of Devon lies in the South West of England and is rich in rural, coastal and urban  landscapes which provides fantastic opportunities for aerial filming and photography.

From Salcombe in the South to Croyde in the North, the Devon coastline offers spectacular options for aerial filming and photography – Whilst the South coast offers picturesque and bustling  towns and busy coastlines during the summer, the North offers similiar but with a more rugged feel. Both are unique in their own way with the North being more popular among surfers of which you can get some fantastic drone shots of breaking waves and surfers if you are in the right place when the swell is running.

Aerial filming North Devon: Putsborough Beach from Aerial Media Services

Aerial filming North Devon: taken from the North end of Putsborough beach looking South.

Aerial filming: Torquay, from Aerial Media Services

Aerial filming, South Devon: Torquay looking towards the marina from Livermead Sands

The county is rich and diverse in panoramas and you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to these kind of aerial shots whether it be video or photographic.

Stepping away from the coastlines you can go inland towards Dartmoor where the landscapes become hilly and rugged. Dartmoor itself is owned by the National Parks so you will need to see if you can seek permission to fly here but it may involve a fee. There are plenty of features on Dartmoor such as Haytor below, but once you are done with your drone work you can take in some of the walks and other tors on the moor. One thing to note when doing aerial video or photography on Dartmoor is that the weather can close in very quickly so be sure to keep a very close eye on the forecast.

Aerial Filming: Haytor Dartmoor from Aerial Media Services

Aerial filming: Haytor, Dartmoor on a cold morning

Nestling on the edge of Dartmoor next to Okehampton is the fabulous location of Meldon Reservoir – it makes stunning aerial filming and photography and is only a stones throw away from the A30 so easy access if you’re coming either from Cornwall or Exeter

Aerial Filming: Meldon Reservoir, situated just next to Okehampton

Aerial Filming: Meldon Reservoir, situated just next to Okehampton

Below we’ve compiled a video of South West landmarks to help you locate your ideal aerial filming opportunity. Some of these are located in Cornwall so you may need to travel a little further – if there are any that you see on here that you like, please don’t hesitate to get in touch using our form or just WhatsApp us (icon on the bottom right of screen). We may be able to help by offering our services or we may have stock aerial video that you could perhaps use.