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Brecon Beacons

Quick Drone Update

Strong winds and biting temperatures greeted us recently in our shoot in the Brecon Beacons – hard to imagine that this was just over a week ago what with all this glorious Easter weather we’ve been enjoying.

Shooting in 4k, D-log @ 25fps the drone coped admirably up at about 1000 metres AMSL. In normal circumstances, we wouldn’t have put the drone in the air in such winds but, due to the nature and criteria of the shoot, it had to be done! We were pleasantly surprised and reassured at the Inspire’s ability to cope!

Inspire 2 Drone Operator

Remember, if you need a CAA Approved Drone Operator, we can help! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch – 01363 725 001 or 07976 804 378