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There comes a time in any drones life when it requires a bit of TLC – we’ve been looking at our Inspire 2 and giving it a going over – one thing we did find and this is a common factor: the propellers become ‘loose’ after a number of hours in the sky – in fact, we purchased our as a pre-order so it came with the original propellers – 2 months later, unbeknown to us, DJI (the drone manufacturer) issued new modified propellers to help prevent this – we’ve been flying for 2 years without the new props!

The only difference is that there is a bit of foam stuck in the centre of the props where they mount to the rotor engines – apart from that they stay the same – one thing I do notice with the new ones is the difference in noise between these ones and the original props – the newer ones are much quieter and there’s a good deal less play in them – that was the complaint that was coming from those people who were using them before. So, all fixed!

IMU updated, compass calibrated, dji go app updated, vision sensors calibrated – all fit and raring to go!